Business Sales; Mergers and Acquisitions

Your business may be the most important and valuable asset that you and your family owns. When the time comes to exit your business, you owe it to yourself, your family and your employees to carry out the sale with the help of seasoned professional such as the staff of Enterprise Development Resources, Inc. and their affiliates.

The following are some of the key aspects of our services to help you maximize your net proceeds from exiting your business:

Emphasize Confidentiality:

We uphold the highest standards in confidentiality. Remaining confidential ensures that your relationships with employees, buyers, investors, and vendors remain intact.

Develop Marketing Materials:

We develop a confidential business review of your company specifically tailored for qualified buyers.

Bring you in contact you with Buyers:

We have a network of thousands of highly qualified potential buyers, including high net worth individuals, corporate buyers, investment groups, private equity groups, and strategic buyers.

Negotiate Purchase Agreements:

We negotiate purchase agreements to ensure that you receive the maximum price for your business.

Foresee Potential Roadblocks:

Because of our experience, we foresee potential roadblocks, allowing us to proactively avoid transaction issues and delays.

Last but not least, we allow you to continue run your business which in most cases it is more than full time job!

To learn more about how Enterprise Development Resources, Inc. can help you sell your business, call 216-765-0845 or provide us with your contact information and we will contact you with additional information.