A handshake or a telephone call with a sincere “thank you for your services” and a smile along with a commission check in the mail or wire is usually the typical sequence of events when completing a Business Deal for a client who is selling or buying a business. Then clients are busy getting on with the pursuit of life’s priorities.

However, it is especially gratifying for an intermediary when a client finds time to send a “Thank you Note”. The following are excerpts transcribed from clients’ notes:

It has been nearly a year since you sold our business and the time has surely flown by! As you might imagine, we’ve been busy with traveling and enjoying the freedom of not being tied down to business ownership.

I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t take a moment to thank you for your excellent efforts on our behalf I securing a buyer for us and assisting us in the closing of the sale. It was stressful time and you helped smooth the way for us.

Again, thank you for your help and please feel free to use this note as a recommendation to your clients.
Note from Elias: Remembering my last in-person conversation with Phil and subsequent events:
I asked Phil what he would do after selling his company. He said smiling “I will ride my bike!” (…he loved his Harley.)
I happened to speak to his wife a few years later and asked her “ how is Phil enjoying riding his bike?” She told me “…he died ridding it; he was hit while making a turn and he died on the spot…”
I was saddened by her news but then I felt that Phil went with a big smile doing what he wanted until the last minute! I expressed my thought to her and she agreed with me.


I just wanted to drop you a brief note thanking you for your diligent work in helping us sell our business last year.

Your experience and guidance was greatly appreciated as you guided us through the complex process of selling a business. I especially appreciated your negotiating skills that helped us get a fair price for our business.

Once again please accept our thanks.


Dear Elias,

Thank you very much for your help in brokering the sale of my coffee shop. You were most professional and your advice was invaluable at all times of the transaction.

You always went to the extra mile to ensure that the negotiations were conducted in an efficient manner and I also appreciated the after sales follow up when issues arose.

Thank you again for your excellent help.


RE: Elias Ladon

To Whom it May Concern:

Elias recently brokered and sold two businesses for me. I found his advice and experience invaluable at all stages of the selling process.

Elias always went to beyond the call of duty and assure that all parties understood what was happening before, during and after the transaction.

I would highly recommend Elias to anyone considering selling a business.

To Whom it May Concern,

This unsolicited letter is to confirm my complete satisfaction with Elias Ladon of Enterprise Development Resources, Inc. in the sale of my business. His professionalism is impeccable. His communication skills are excellent and he worked hard at keeping me informed of the sales process at all times. He brought me well qualified candidates and he didn’t waste time with “tire-kickers”.

I often times found him to be the level headed thinker during negotiations which is precisely what I needed. When it’s your business, you can tend to be emotionally involved. That can obviously cloud one’s judgment. Elias kept the negotiation process (and me) on track to a mutually satisfactory transaction.

I found that his experience in the sale of several other businesses to be invaluable. Since I ‘ve never sold a business before, I obviously had no point of reference to use in coming up with the many different angles to approach the various issues as they arose throughout the sales process. It is extremely helpful to draw in Elias’ unique perspective – not only in the actual negotiation process but also in the way he presented the company to various buyers.

While writing a brokerage commission check is not quite exactly my definition of fun, I can honesty say that Elias earned his fee in the sale of my business. I highly recommend him and won’t hesitate to contact him again in the future should the need arise.



VERY NICE work! I’m extremely impressed. You are a very talented communicator. I briefly reviewed both documents that you sent but was not able to give them the detailed attention they deserve. I hope to do this within the next day or so. I believe the information is thorough enough that you could already begin to present it to potentially interested prospects. I will be in touch with you soon.
R. B.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Without you there would be no way.
I truly appreciate all you do.
Have a great rest of the weekend.

Dear Elias

Thank you so much for your prompt attention to the sale of my business, LL&L. I appreciate all your hard work in making the sale run smoothly and quickly. Now I can devote my time to my new business, the LC in Painesville, OH.



Dear Mr. Ladon,

As you came highly advised to us almost a year and a half ago, we make the decision to put our business up for sale at that time. I was very skeptical and after building our business for over 17 years, was not even sure doing the right thing. As you also know after a few months I pulled the business off the market due to (the fact that) the prospects were not what we were looking for or the price did not meet our expectations. The decision was in no way due to your hard work at that time and your continued professionalism was one of most the most prestigious I have seen in years.

Working our business for another year and throwing it in second gear made a big difference in the market place with numbers but your persuasion to list it once more and to work it as you did the year before was truly the whole difference. In a matter of only a couple of months you found us a very respectable buyer that met our price and expectations to continue to build M… with the integrity it has for over 17 years.

The President and I want to thank you for your help and assistance to meet our final dream after so many years of sacrifice and hard work. We will highly recommend you and your company for your complete devotion, sincerity and just plain hard work presenting us to anyone in the country for the asking. Even though we are now retired, just maybe in the future if I think of buying any business you will get our call.



Elias. F.Y.I.

For Nick’s benefit, Mr. Ladon is an agent in Ohio who just represented me on a sale of my business in Ohio which just closed on Friday. Elias was tremendous over a very long listing period; his professionalism was exemplary.


ATTN: Elias Ladon

I would like to thank you for your professionalism in conducting the sale of my business. There were many times that I was ready to throw in the towel but you stayed optimistic and followed through like a true professional.

I will not hesitate to use your services again if the situation arises.

Thank you.

Dear Elias,

Thank you for your outstanding work in finding D.B. as our new franchise operator for the Mentor store. You offered me astute guidance in preparing all of the marketing and financial materials necessary to make an optimistic, based on our numbers, that a sale would be forthcoming. At times when I was skeptical and somewhat frustrated, you counseled me patience.

After analyzing and meeting with various applicants that were suitable, D. appeared. How fortunate! He seemed to have every attribute we hoped for: young and strong, mature and determined, intelligent and entrepreneurial and talented in maintenance. What a win-win situation. He bought a solid, 18 year old business and we found a franchisee who, after a couple of months, is breathing new life in the Mentor location.

It was a pleasure working with someone of your caliber. I admire your intelligence, persistence, demeanor and generosity. Most of all, I respect your adherence to the strictest ethical standards in executing your role as a business broker.

I look forward to working with you on additional projects in the near future.



Dear Elias:

R. and I wanted to take this time to express to you our satisfaction with the quality and depth of your services in the sale of our franchise. At every stage of the process, communication with your was prompt and ongoing. You were always willing to go the extra mile to send an email, make a phone call on our behalf, or call us after a busy day just to ask about us. We appreciate your professionalism in negotiations with prospective buyers, during store visits, and your objective advice during the unique sales process.

Despite R.’s background as a licensed attorney and mine as an accounting/business valuation professional, we interviewed several business brokers in the Cleveland area. None understood business valuation principles or had a better record of done deals that they were willing to share with us than you Elias. R. and I were able to focus on managing our business, while you shopped our prospects, followed up on interested parties, and coordinated with our franchisor. You utilized every available tool including the Internet and word-of-moth to expedite the sale as quickly and discretely as possible. We would highly recommend you to anyone interested in buying or selling a business.

R. and I want you to wish you continued success in the building of your practice. We will be thinking of you during our much needed vacation.




Dear Elias,

This is just a note to show my appreciation for all your hard work in selling my company.

Your professionalism, honesty and guidance was very helpful in closing a successful deal. Thank you.



J. and I would like to thank you for your professionalism and assistance in the sale of our business.

At this beginning we found that using your web site was very informative. Through the process from initial discussions through determination of value, methods of advertising, and handling of prospects, you were considerate, conscientious, and fair to both parties.

Our sale was completed in a relative short period due in large part to your advice. Both parties came away satisfied with the outcome.

Please feel free to use us as a reference.




Thank you for taking the time to review the above testimonials that some of our clients were king to offer to us.

We certain appreciate their kindness in appreciating our work as well as helping our prospective clients understand our services.

It is worth noting that we have removed information regarding the identity of our clients to protect their confidentiality. We have copies of the original letters/notes on file.

Best Regards,

Elias E. Ladon
Investment Banking Representative
Certified Business Intermediary & Business Appraiser
Enterprise Development Resources, Inc.