“SwarmEdgeAPI.4.IoT”: A Technology for Edge Computing at the IoT (Funded by the U.S. DoD; Well Tested; Patented)

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Industry: Artificial Intelligence and Computing on the Edge of the Cloud

Listing ID: AI.4.IoT.Edge for Decentralized Decision Making

This AI Technology for Edge Computing at the IoT has been designed to be a critical enabler for Decentralized Decision Making at IoT’s Edge. The Swarm.API.4.IoT is emulating the function of Nature’s Systems (e.g. swarms) that are driven by autonomous and distributed functioning intelligence. The following gives some technological highlights as well as an overview of this technology.

COLLECTIVE AWARENESS/ACTIONS: SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT provides a distinct technical advancement in the area of distributed artificial intelligence systems with a focus on collective awareness/actions. The fields of application are autonomous systems, machine learning, IoT and edge computing. These applications can be used in almost any industry and targeted applications. This is of particular importance in M2M Learning and AI. It is worth noting that this is compliant with George Siemens’ “Connectivism”: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age” (3/4/2013). According to Mr. Siemens Editor: “Siemens advances a theory of learning that is consistent with the needs of the twenty first century. His theory takes into account trends in learning, the use of technology and networks, and the diminishing half-life of knowledge. It combines relevant elements of many learning theories, social structures, and technology to create a powerful theoretical construct for learning in the digital age.  ( Article Link: http://er.dut.ac.za/bitstream/handle/123456789/69/Siemens_2005_Connectivism_A_learning_theory_for_the_digital_age.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y )

In this context, SwarmEdge.API.4.IOT’s ability to maintain a continuous collective awareness within a spontaneously connected networks at all times is particularly relevant when considering EdgeComputing with no room for latency and instant M2M continuous learning (e.g. autonomous vehicle driving, remote frontier exploration, etc.)

UNINTERRUPTED DISTRIBUTED PROCESSING: SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT’s patented architecture allows dynamic addition of processors for uninterrupted distributed processing and enables vendor-agnostic heterogeneous processing with any RF protocol by using proactive, dynamic configurable, skill-aware, autonomous agents that learn, share and circumvent centralized systems. This architecture harnesses minimal processing power, enables multi-agent artificial intelligence, facilitates dispersed computing, and provides intent-based automation at scale with ad hoc connectivity.

VERY CONDUCIVE TECHNOLOGY FOR EDGE-COMPUTING: One recent application is edge computing, where devices trade computational resources at the end of the network. SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT’s patented architecture demonstrates the machine learning and edge computing in this new model. Bluetronix patented and patent pending intellectual property covers: distributed processing, heterogeneous processing, swarm intelligence, and multi-agent artificial intelligence using deep learning.

SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT’s SELF-FORMED SECURED NETWORKING: Networks are self-formed among nodes with no need for routing tables (done by the use of dynamically changing tables of pheromone values for known/discovered neighbor mobile nodes.) All formed at a high level of encryption. These self-formed networks have immense scalability and can network with limited-capability networks and augment their ability to scale up to the broader IoT. In view of these networking capabilities, the Edge can function without access to the Internet when necessary or desirable.

FLASH INSTALLABLE ALGORITHMIC CODE: TheSwarmEdge.API.4.IoT has been reduced to a minimal footprint algorithmic code. Its variations can be flash-installed to the majority of smart sensors let alone mobile computers/tablets and PDA’s potentially after due non-recurring engineering.

WELL TESTED TECHNOLOGY: The SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT is a well-tested technology via the US DoD’s and the inventor’s many prototypes. The inventor has also good reasons to believe that a variation of AI.4.IoT was tested in a recent late-2016 test by the U.S. Military of 100+ airborne drones flying and functioning autonomously. This technology was developed by the Inventor via funding and 5 awards from the US Defense Department (DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (invented the Internet)-, US Army CECOM, NASA, US Navy and the AF Res. Labs.)

Selected AI & IoT Edge Computing Issues Addressed by SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT:
While a large number of traditional engineering models and algorithms are focused on control and centralization, Natural Systems’ behavior (e.g. bees, ants, etc.) are primarily characterized by autonomy, self-organizing and distributed functioning. Natural systems teach us that very simple individual organisms can form systems capable of performing very complex tasks by dynamically interacting with each other. At the same time Cyber Security, IoT asset coordination, behavior predictions, and big data analysis all involve dealing with very complex systems made up of complex individuals generating large amounts of data. Solving problems in these fields requires a type of artificial intelligence that can understand and model the complexity and diversity of the systems and individuals involved in a distributed way at the Edge of the IoT.

It is this background that makes SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT a pivotal technology since it can address the above issues via its capabilities discussed briefly in the first half of this summary. The following outlines these capabilities in a more detailed manner:

  1. Has the innate ability of creating distributed intelligence by emulating the function of nature’s Swarms with very low infrastructure requirements and a low footprint code that can be installed on a variety of smart devices with limited CPU’s.
  2. Creates highly scalable Secure mobile Ad-Hoc Networks with Self-Learning/Forming/Healing across different operating systems while leveraging limited Networks.
  3. The blending of the above two capabilities creates an un-paralleled Swarm-Driven AI Platform capable of meeting the commonly accepted prerequisites of AI (i.e. Perception, Learning, Knowledge, Reasoning, Ability to Move, Ability to Manipulate Objects, Natural Language -via Voice-over-Swarm.)
  4. Further, it is the Inventor’s position that that Swarm-T is capable of delivering Ad-Hoc Deep Learning for Machines via its ability to mine intelligence with Deep Neural Networks via its Swarm Driven AI Platform.

An IoT inter-connected in a Self-Forming/Learning/Healing mode across different platforms as well as powered with its swarm-driven AI Platform is bound to deliver the visionaries’ expectations. SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT is the kind of technology that can become the driving force behind demanding applications like Car-2-Car and Car-2-X communications, IoT, IIoT and countless other applications. After all, it was designed and tested by DARPA to be worthy of facing the rigors of the battlefield. Additionally, it is capable of transmitting Voice-Over-Swarm, a critical application when access to remote cellular towers is not possible or extreme privacy is needed.

How SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT can help with the Misconception that BlockChain Could Help in IoT’s Scalability and Secured Connectivity: While it well understood that the BlockChain requires Intense Computation requirements, some experts seem to lose sight of this hard reality and proceed to suggest that BlockChain can help IoT’s Scalability and Secured Connectivity.

As more feasible and realistic approach would be to have SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT’s API work in tandem with the BockChain API. At the IoT Edge (or even in other areas of the Cloud the SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT could handle Secured Connectivity and Scalability with its low footprint codes via the use of Digital Pheromones. Then engage BockChain to do its Job when ample CPU exists. An interesting review of the benefits and issues of BlockChain in reference to IoT Scalability and Security is discussed in a paper by The Micro Threat Team (Link: http://iiot-world.com/cybersecurity/blockchain-the-missing-link-between-security-and-the-iot/ )

In Summary, SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT’s swarm-empowered AI Platform is a technology equipped to handle the increased needs of Decentralized Decision Making as we will be riding the tidal wave of low-cost embedded computing proliferation in tandem with massive supply of sensory devices and ad-hoc secure connectivity.

The attached Appendix explains (a) how the SwarmEdge.API.4.IoT can function as an Edge Computing Platform and (b) how it can be the IoT Integrator and handle its priorities and Decentralized Decision Making.



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